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The computer has brought new artistic expressions to photographers. It is an art form onto itself—with new techniques and possibilities. Now, a photographer can use the computer as a “digital darkroom” or create a new image using imaging software such as Photoshop 7.0, as used for this display of “digital art.”


Peggy Warner achieved a BA in Communications / Media Arts from Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is a published writer and educator now residing in Washington.


She is the co-founder of PRISM Media and training, a home-based company that works mainly with non-profit organizations to provide affordable training, promotional materials and websites. PRISM Media and Digital Imaging has won several awards in Minnesota for social service cable television broadcasting. Peggy says, “My fascination with digital imaging began eight years ago when the community television studios in Minnesota introduced digital video cameras.”

Peggy researched digital imaging for several years before purchasing her first digital camera. This was just the beginning. Several cameras later, she's now equipped an 8 megapixel SLR and all the necessary computer software and hardware, she has produced award-winning photographs.


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“Finding a shot that is different is my favorite challenge. I look for the image that another person might pass right by. . . something off the usual path that really speaks of community.” Her images and greeting cards are on display at local galleries and shops..

In 2003, Peggy founded the Photo Quest Camera Club in Lynden. Our purpose is to encourage amateur photographers in the art of photography. For additional information, please contact by e-mail:

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Landscapes: Mt. Baker / British Columbia
Whatcom County : Scenes
Miscellaneous : Wildlife