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Employment opportunities for restaurant cooks and chefs are expected to be plentiful through the year 2012, reflecting both the creation of new positions and the need to replace outgoing workers. Employment growth is expected to be spurred by increases in population, household income, and leisure time that will allow people to dine out and take vacations more often. In addition, as the number of two-income households grows, more families may find dining out a convenience. The estimate employment rate of culinary arts program graduates is 76%.


Most program graduates work as cooks or chefs in restaurants and other retail eating and drinking places. Opportunities also exist in grocery store delicatessens, hotels, catering establishments, bake shops, pastry kitchens, country clubs, schools, industrial cafeterias, hospitals and other organizations. Potential positions include restaurant cook, line cook, prep cook, pantry cook, institutional cook, baker, food services worker, deli worker, food manager, caterer and sous chef.

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